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The confusion has dissipated and there is nothing to disturb the relationship between Patch and Nora. They’ve overcome the secrets hiding in Patch’s dark past … have crossed irreconcilable worlds …, have faced overwhelming evidence of betrayal, loyalty and trust … and all for a love that transcends boundaries between heaven and earth. Armed with absolute faith who have each other, Patch and Nora now face a villain who seeks to end once and forever as have fought for, including his love.


Books of the saga:

  1. Hush Hush
  2. Crescendo
  3. Silence
  4. Finale


Opinion About Silence PDF

Some time that I read this book and review it only was I do. The truth is that I have mixed feelings with this and the last in the series, although I speak Finale explayadamente in his review. About Silence PDF, I have to say that the truth is that it is a book that tells us nothing new and that could even do without it not for the important revelations in the final chapters . In this, I agree with most reviews that abound in the blogosphere. However, it also has elements that I liked and therefore do not consider at all that on . Although generally yes it does.

As always, those who have not read anything in the series, should not worry, because my review contains no spoilers or this or the previous one .
In relation to the plot there is a change from previous books in the series . As he said, in the review of hush hush as Crescendo PDF , the author always worth the same pattern: we are regaled with a little mystery was solved in the final chapters. In this third part is not true and in fact, is a bit frustrating to know everything that happened. In general, silence free book seems almost a summary of everything we’ve already read and there are few new details that brings to the plot. In this sense, the story loses much about the other books , especially if the coupling factor in the mysteries recidía previously provided to us. Now the reader knows everything and completely dependent on the romance to continue reading. Nevertheless, not all bad. Far from the elements surprises, which I particularly loved me, silence book PDF still a lot of action, so nothing is done boring .

” An inner voice told me that maybe is in danger if she left, but a strange trance drove me. << Black night, black haze. Black grass, black tombstones. Black and shining river. A pair of black eyes watching me . >> ”

The author continues ignoring summarize in the introduction , this time I understand why that does not make it : the book itself is a summary and the information we already know is scattered everywhere.

As mentioned above, due to the lack of mystery, the book loses some hitch. However, it is still entertaining and easy to read.
The story continues to improve, in the sense that moves away to go directly to the dialogues, as It happened in hush hush , and find the balance between the thoughts of the protagonist and interactions . Like the rest of the series, it is told in the first person.

” << >> This is not over ”

Regarding the characters they are the same as participating in Crescendo , virtually none are new. Yes, this is where the point that I liked is. Let ‘s say the whole saga, is in this book where else I liked Patch. In the past it seemed a somewhat mysterious and elusive then be but this has really gotten me. That is why silence novel pdf does not seem such a bad book, but it has certain positive aspects that can save the lack of mystery.

The atmosphere is still one of the strongest points of the saga . As always visible in the background narration to detail provided by the author in the plot.


” The Patch I knew wore jeans, shirts and a worn baseball cap, and wondered if I would ever see that other side of Patch and even if its multiple sides would be endless. The more thought know, the greater was the mystery. Presa of the doubt, I came to wonder if Patch betray me tonight. ”

The pace is maintained throughout history and no major changes, except at the end that is the most interesting part and we really need to know in order to continue with the last part.

I am afraid that is still open late, and leave Finale wanting to get to know what will happen.

In general, a book that I liked despite the lack of mystery is , more than anything because Patch is provided a little more and reached me more than the rest of the saga.

As I always say, the story of Patch and Nora is not recommended for everyone, despite how much I like it . It has certain features that would not enjoy a more youthful adult audience.


7.5 / 10


Silence PDF Author

Becca Fitzpatrick (born February 3, 1979) is an American writer, known for having written one of the best sellers in the New York Times: Hush, Hush.

In February 2003, her husband Justin, a native of Philadelphia, enrolled her in a writing class for its twenty-fourth birthday.Fitzpatrick said: “That day I left the girl who wrote the daily stories in the privacy of his diary, the girl who wrote the stories and shared with people outside the worlds in his head also was in that category. I started writing Hush, Hush.

Shortly after completing the Hush Hush saga announced that the author was writing a new story. This is titled Black Ice.