About Lion Zeal

Lion Zeal is an SEO blog for:

  • Anyone wanting to learn SEO for their own business, or to build a business from it
  • Anyone that doesn’t blindly listen to Google’s guidelines, and wants strategies that actually work
  • Anyone interested in tested and proven techniques – not fluff
  • Anyone looking to turn their SEO expertise into a 6-7 figure per year business

However, if you’re:

  • Offended by grey hat SEO
  • Think Google are the only reliable source for information
  • Or think selling SEO is a scam

You’re not the right person for this blog.

For anyone else though, you’ll love it here.

We have some of the best SEO training on the web, like our monster PBN guide, or this client SEO training series.

Every week, Daryl sits down with a 6-8 figure SEO and deconstructs their business, showing you how you can replicate their success.

And we have one of the biggest SEO communities around, with over 8,500 members in the Lion Zeal Mastermind group on Facebook.

For anyone interesting in either using SEO to grow their business, or growing a business off of SEO, you’re in the right place.

So look around, and enjoy all the content.

About Daryl

Daryl Rosser

Hey guys, welcome to the Lion Zeal blog.

I created this blog after accumulating over 500 posts on various forums discussing SEO strategies, monetisation techniques, and helping others out.

After receiving a massive amount of support and advice when building my business. Which took me from broke, struggling, and living with my parents – to running a fairly successful business that “pays me” to travel to 7+ countries per year, I decided I need to give back in the same way.

As for my background…

I’ve been building websites since I was 13, starting out with free sub-domains, but eventually turning it into a real business of affiliate marketing at 16.  I’m still doing affiliate marketing to this day, but now run SEO company, and make most of my money from consulting real businesses.

Over the years of being in this whole ‘IM’ industry, I’ve had a number of experiences and learnt a lot from it, including…

  • Earning and losing $800,000 in less than a year
  • The mindset of the poor (I watched a biz partner blow $70,000 in single a trip to Vegas) and how to think rich
  • The wrong way to form partnerships (how I lost the $800,000 biz) and how to do it right
  • Travel is hella’ fun
  • Seeing years of work suddenly come together in an “overnight success” e.g. a $20,000+ profit day
  • Turning around business failure and how it’s 90% mindset

I can’t promise you any results from reading this website, but I can show you exactly what I do and hopefully help some people out by doing so.