About me

You may know me as Soma but let me introduce myself.

I’m 38 years old and I feel like I’m 20. I am producer of HipHop, I live in Barcelona, ​​and music has been my passion since I was a kid. That is why I soon became clear that I wanted to dedicate myself to this and I have worked all my life for and for music, turning many of my goals into achievements and some of them into failures. I enjoy making rhythms and listening to artists’ voices about them.

My creative vein is always in operation, and I am fortunate to have good professionals and friends to carry out my projects. In my life I feel a sense of personal fulfillment and my most powerful motivations are to realize my visions and dreams.

My story

I started in music at the age of 16, at a time when it was unthinkable in Spain to be able to live off Rap and the presence of the Internet was anecdotal. Surely for this reason I highly value the possibilities offered by the current technology, because in those years it was practically impossible to get information and specific material on Hip Hop production.

I know what it’s like to ruin and raise my head, because when I started with my business ventures in the music world, I lost all my money. It was a tough experience, but that stick turned out to be a positive thing for my life, because thanks to it I learned to focus better, learn from my mistakes and realize that I can recover from any blow. What are we going to do, I see the glass half full!

During these career years I have made a lot of money and it has not made me happy. After analyzing it, I have realized that I am happy to pursue dreams and overcome obstacles. Money is the way the world has to reward us for it, but not an end in itself. What I feel in creating something, whatever it may be, is indescribable. I act independently of the direction of the wind and what others think: I never read the opinions that are written about me, I stay away from the gossip and rumors and I simply concentrate on moving forward.

What you probably will not know is that for many years I have worked as a teacher, before I became independent and living solely on Hip Hop. I like to teach, and I also like to learn, meet new people and travel, because travel brings something to life that is not acquired from a computer.

I think machines alone can not accomplish anything, since it is the human being who manipulates them who achieves their goals. And now here I am, manipulating my computer and embarking on this new project that is Hip Hop Production.

So, why Hip Hop Production?

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There are several reasons why I decide to launch this Blog.

The first of all is that I want to offer others what I would have liked to have when I started my career. In fact, I want to show others what, even today, I would like to find.

The second reason is that I know the world of production from the inside, all these years dedicating me to Hip Hop professionally have provided me with experience and knowledge. And I want to share both with other people who want to be part of this, both those who are already immersed in the culture and those who are starting. If you already work as a producer, I hope that my experiences – both successes and failures – will help you achieve your goals.

If you are thinking of starting in the world of production, here you can know it from within and get the tools to make decisions for yourself.

Finally, I want to have fun. Thanks to my experience as a teacher I enjoy teaching and learning, and I want to use this platform to take up this facet.

Feel free to subscribe to the Blog and get Tricks and Tutorials before the rest of readers, as well as free access to my best Drum Sounds with the Ice Drum Kit , which has already been downloaded more than 15,000 times!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hope to see you soon on the blog!

– Sum

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