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Book details:
Title: Hush Hush
Original title:  Hush Hush
Author:  Becca Fitzpatrick
Saga: PDF Hush Hush No. 1
Pages: 368
Publisher: Ediciones B
Price: 15 €
Publication Date : 2009
Genre: Youth. Fantasy

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Nora Grey, a student applied in search of a college scholarship, lives with his widowed mother on a farm outside of Portland, Maine. When Patch becomes his new partner school, Nora feels both attraction and repulsion towards this strange character who seems to have access to his thoughts. Then he learns that Patch is a fallen angel who wants to become human. Nora is under your control, but there are other forces at play and suddenly you are living inexplicable events and amid a very dangerous situation.

Personal opinion:

I read this book because it was chosen to read together and that had long been wanting him read by the good reviews I had read about it. The truth is that I have been very pleased and generally liked.

“-What are you doing on saturday?
 No I go with strangers.


Good luck I have. I’ll pick you up at five. “

Nora Grey is the protagonist, a girl with a normal life who spends his day with her best friend, Vee and her mother. Suddenly, a change in seats Biology class will make you closer and closer to a very curious and mysterious boy, tremendously attractive to Nora. Patch the interest he shows for it is obvious, but Nora can perceive that hides dark secrets and try to put distance between them, which will not come to get the whole. Out with other guys like Elliot, but it seems that suddenly all hide secrets …

“And also it smells good.
He called shower. Use soap, shampoo and hot water.


And you naked. I know the drill. “

Hush Hush PDF is a novel that has the typical protagonists. Handsome guy extremely attractive melting each and innocent girl trying to be strong and not fall into their networks , however, that these personalities as exploited are used, has not bothered me for nothing in this book. Moreover, I practically drooled whenever he appeared Patch and said one of his conquering phrases … Also, I think the author has been able to focus on the personalities of the characters perfectly to fit every act and event book .
Although Patch and Nora are the undisputed protagonists, some secondary characters appear vital for the development of the plot, as Vee (best friend Nora), Elliot and Jules (friends of Nora and Vee).

“Say lead again, your mouth looks provocative when you say it.”

It is a book with a very fast pace , which makes you not get bored at any time, but there are also moments that I would have liked a bit more and enjoy it were longer. Still, a very good pace to get it ‘sHook us to your pages and will be difficult to release the book. It’s what has happened to me and I read it pretty fast … especially at the end, I did not want to get away from the book! !

the plot is pretty good and I have found meaning to everything that happens because they are well fitted pieces and everything is well structured. it has several sharp turns that have loved me and have added a lot of excitement and intrigue to the novel.

“Patch Call me. I mean it. Call me” 

Overall, a good book with good players is (mostly Patch), good phrases to save, well described scenarios and an entertaining plot. They say this is the best of the series but not why I get discouraged, I go for the second to win!

“Are you afraid all men … or just me?”

2nd Hush Hush PDF Review

The author

Becca Fitzpatrick is an American writer born in 1979. He graduated in Community Health (community health) Brinham Young University and later worked as a teacher, secretary and accountant at an alternative high school in Provo, Utah. In February 2003, her husband decided to point it to a writing classes as a gift for his twenty – fourth birthday. Following these classes, Becca start writing Hush, hush PDF, a book published in 2009 and achieve success worldwide.

Currently, Fitzpatrick lives in Colorado with his family.

Personal Ratings

We are facing a novel that caught my attention with everything it promised:  Free Hush, hush pdf book mixes romance, fantasy and mystery beneath an attractive cover and a difficult title to forget . In a way, the book delivers what it promises, but … is it enough for the reader?

The fantastic elements are rather scarce. The truth is that I did not expect more in this regard: the supernatural components are fair and necessary to accompany the romantic story. Basically: Patch is a fallen angel and Nora will spend many things for which no explanation. Very little.

The romantic story was what I was disappointed. It is much simpler than I expected to find in a book that, in theory, focuses on the romance: Nora Grey has a hang of astronomical proportions Patch, the bad boy of his biology class. Fin. No serious love triangles or nothing in sight that threatens to come between them, for much of the novel we will just read Nora think about how bad it is Patch and how much he likes despite this.

But my biggest problem is precisely  Patch Cipriano . I know Patch popularity among the legions of fans of Hush, hush , but I found it a despicable character. The male protagonist of the novel not for harassing Nora and treat evil follows her down the street, it sneaks into your home without permission, publicly humiliates her whenever you have a chance … even he uses his magical powers angel manipulate your mind. Of course Nora Grey apparently likes … this is possibly the most toxic relationship that I have read in my life.

On the other hand, I must say that the book is quite entertaining and, in general, toxicity besides, pleasant to read. The various mysterious events that happen to Nora managed to keep meintrigued, especially during the first few chapters of the novel. It is true that the resolution of these mysteries was not as elegant than I expected, but, well, I guess fulfills its mission.

In short, Hush, hush is not the first title to come to mind when . recommend a novel is an entertaining book, with the right amount of mystery to keep reading, some comic situation and even a few tender moments; Unfortunately, the characters and, especially, their problematic relationship, keep me consider this book as an experience worth remembering.